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Making the Call - Testimonials


Frank Anderson - Pitching Coach - University of Houston
"I have known Mike Foote and Ryan Brewer for a long time now. They are a great recruiting resourse in the Southwest. It does not matter the age of your son, under their guidance and the Academy instructors, your son will receive the best instruction around. I have had my own son (Brett) play for Mike and Ryan in the 2004 Junior Olympic Tournament."

NOTE: Brett Anderson was ranked by Baseball America (2006) as the best left handed High School pitcher in the country. Brett was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks and signed a $1.1 million contract.
Frank Anderson  
Scott Crampton, Lamar (CO) Community College
"The Albuquerque Baseball Academy is an outstanding resource to further your baseball career. The instruction is top notch and the Academy does an outstanding job of assisting the placement of players at the next level. I highly recommend the Albuquerque Baseball Academy. They are my first recruiting source for the state of New Mexico."
Ray Birmingham - Head Coach - University of New Mexico
"The Albuquerque Baseball Academy is a must for the serious baseball player who wants to move to higher levels. The contacts with major league baseball and College baseball are outstanding. The Instruction is second to none." Ray was the former Head Coach at New Mexico Junior College and current Head Coach at the University of New Mexico. The NMJC Thunderbirds won the 2005 Junior College National Championship.
David Coleman - Head Baseball Coach, Midland College
"Throughout my career of recruiting and working camps all across the country, I have experienced many academies and indoor workout facilities. The ABA is the ultimate private lesson and select team experience. The quality of instruction as well as the quality of the character of those teaching is what young people and the game of baseball deserve. The quality of the ABA teams draws attention at the tournaments and events that they attend. If you are serious about becoming a player and getting exposure then the ABA is a must.”


Chris Hanks - Head Coach - Colorado Mesa University
The ABA is a first class organization that is professionally run and has the student-athletes best interests at heart. As a college baseball coach I have the opportunity to travel around the country and visit different indoor facilities and interact with several organizations that sponsor "club" or "travel team" baseball. From my dealings with numerous other organizations I believe the ABA is clearly one of the "elite" organizations that offer year-round baseball. The quality of their indoor facility is excellent and the manner in which they interact with, and instruct players is outstanding! I would highly recommend that any player who is serious baseball to get involved with the Albuquerque Baseball Academy.
Alan Solow - ABA Parent

Nathan Solow is a LHP who has been training with the Albuquerque Baseball Academy for the past few years. Ryan Brewer and the coaches have spent considerable time working with Nathan and have helped him to train hard and focus so that he can reach his full potential. This past year, Nathan was named 1st Team All State, All District, and All Metro for the 2005 High School baseball season. This year he received a scholarship to pitch for San Diego State University and was recently named a Second Team Louisville Slugger Preseason All American for 2006.

Through his experience with the Albuquerque Baseball Academy, Nathan has been able to travel to a variety of College Showcase Tournaments including the Junior Olympics in Peoria, Arizona. At each of these Showcase Tournaments, it was amazing to see the wide variety of College Coaches that would come to see the New Mexico team. The Academy coaches are incredibly well connected to both College Coaches and professional scouting organizations and through these relationships, our young players are being noticed by many of the top programs in the United States. The coaches at the Albuquerque Baseball Academy have coached and/or played at all levels of baseball including College and Professional ranks. They understand the college recruiting process and the professional scouting community and will help your athelete reach the next level.

Most recently, our son was diagnosed with a torn Ultra Collateral Ligament in his left elbow and required Tommy Johns surgery to make the repair. The rehabilitation is long and tedious. Coach Brewer at the Academy agreed to take on the throwing rehab for Nathan and for the past five months have been working three days per week to bring him back to competition level pitching. Coach Brewer and the Academy are in communication with San Diego State and provide periodic updates on his progress to the coaches. The coaches at the Albuquerque Baseball Academy understand how injuries can occur in the game and will work to help your young athelete train properly so that injuries can be mitigated. They also know how to rehabilitate the injured player and will work to bring the athelete back to competitive form.

We appreciate all that the Albuquerque Academy has done for our son. They will definitely follow his baseball career and I know will go out of their way to encourage him to pursue his passion.

Rick Muncrief

I would highly recommend the Albuquerque Baseball Academy for those young men who want to enhance their playing abilities. The instruction they will receive is first class and will benefit them greatly, regardless of age or skill level. My son Grant was fortunate in playing in a good high school program with a strong coaching staff in Farmington and not every young man has that opportunity. When he was given the opportunity to play with the ABA Fall Showcase team at Peoria, AZ during the fall of his senior year, he jumped at the chance and it was an extremely positive experience. Ryan Brewer and Mike Foote did an exceptional job with that team, collectively and as individuals, and we walked away with a great deal of respect for both of them. In addition, Ryan saw the potential in Grant to really compete at the college level and became an advocate for him by making and fielding numerous calls from various college coaches. His connections and reputation proved to be invaluable as we went through the recruiting process.

Rick Muncrief
Edmond, Oklahoma (formerly Farmington, New Mexico)
Grant is a pitcher/3rd basemen at Wichita State University

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