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The Preeminent Baseball Training and College Placement Organization in the Southwest

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ABA is the Preeminent Baseball Training and College Placement Organization in the Southwest. The  ABA Hooligans Youth Program 9u - 12u and 13u - 14u Mid School Feature Competitive and Developmental Teams that compete in local leagues and regional tournaments.

The ABA High School program is a nationally recognized team that participate in key college placement events throughout the year as well as compete in National AABC, V-Tool, PG, and Pathway events.

The ABA University "ABA U" is a data-driven, longterm player development training program that is your one stop shop for player development, including skill work, physical therapy, strength and conditioning all in one comprehensive program.

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ncaa division signees


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pro & college players

Talan Barraza 24

New Mexico Junior College

Conor Baughman '24

Antelope Valley Community College

Matthew Board '24

New Mexico Highlands University

Trajan Chavez '24

Galveston Community College

Jaden Davis '24

New Mexico State University

Easton Delanda '24

New Mexico Military Institute

Nick DiGregorio '24

Trinidad State Community College

Dylan Droelle '24

Paradise Valley Community College

Seth Galfano '24

New Mexico Highlands University

Delmonico Granger '24

University of the Southwest

Aiden Griego '24

Howard Community College

Eli Healy '24

Luna Community College

Brandon Hennessy '24

Antelope Valley Community College

Lucas Hernandez '24

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Silas Hilton '24

Trinidad State Community College

Malachi Jaramillo '24

University of Texas Permian Basin

Trevor Johnson '24

New Mexico Military Institute

Zach Kmatz '24

Oregon State University

John Leeder '24

University of the Southwest

Santiago Long '24

Lamar Community College

Jacob Maes '24

Luna Community College

Izeyah Manzanares '24

University of the Southwest

Ramon Martinez '24

Pima Community College

Rey Ortiz '24

Glendale Community College

Benjamin Ramirez '24

Lamar Community College

Luke Reiter '24

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Logan Sandoval '24

Northwest Oklahoma State University

Armando Serratos '24

Luna Community College

Hazen Wright '24

New Mexico State University



ABA High School and The ABA Hooligans Youth Program have two state-of-the-art facilities for your convenience!

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