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PowerArm Training Program

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Albuquerque Baseball Academy (ABA) is committed to providing the highest quality instruction. ABA strives to stay on the cutting edge of training. In 2017 ABA partnered with Tim Campos to develop the PowerArm Throwing Program. Tim Campos bring over 20 years of experience building strong, durable, healthy arms. The PowerArm Long-term Development plan uses hyper-individualized programs that scale to large groups of players. PowerArm uses the latest technology and programs to assess, monitor, train and develop elite level throwers and pitchers. There is no one size fits all, there isn’t even a one size fits most. PowerArm provides the information and training to challenge each individual slightly beyond their present capabilities. From young players just beginning to enjoy the game of baseball, bridging middle school throwers to prepare them for high school, college players returning to improve or pro players navigating their off-seasons, PowerArm has something for everyone

Our Technology

  • Trackman B1 Radar

    ABA is the 1st facility in the Mountain West region to have a Portable Trackman B1 unit. Being first to market with the Gold Standard of pitch and ball flight technology sets us apart as we are able to give scouts and recruiters extremely accurate information on each of our player’s development and skill progress. Our Portable Trackman Unit allows our players to train with confidence that the adjustments they are making to their pitching arsenal are based on reliable data sets.

  • ArmCare.com

    Since the Fall of 2022 we have partnered with ArmCare.com to bring our players yet another layer of health and performance. Why guess when you can assess? All of our PowerArm players will have access to the ArmCare.com platform where each day coaches and players can get real tangible metrics on players arm health, range of motion, and muscle imbalances. This information paired with Pulse throwing workload data give our coaches and sports medicine professionals detailed information to help keep each player healthy and performing optimally.

  • Driveline Traq

    The industry leader in data collection and application, ABA utilizes Driveline Traq for players to access their daily programming, progress toward goals, and is a central hub to see, evaluate and track their data from all of our technology platforms. Traq allows our players to see current and past biomechanical reports, velo testing days, and access all of Driveline’s personal performance reports giving our coaches & players relevant information to improve training outcomes.

  • Driveline Pulse

    ABA is a national leader in utilizing workload management technology. Every player that throws in the PowerArm program has their throwing volume and intensity monitored using the Pulse technology. PULSE measures all throws to tell you if your pitchers are throwing too much or too little, too hard or not hard enough. PULSE improves athletes’ execution of their training programs and keeps them on track with their player development plan. PULSE replaces ambiguous guidelines with clear and repeatable instructions, improving pitcher’s processes and overall training results.

  • ProPlay AI Biomechanics Markerless Motion Capture

    PitchAI offers a biomechanical assessment that is captured and placed in the player’s profile and is continuously updated each time a player throws using it. PitchAI allows coaches and players to put actual measurements to joint positions and velocities throughout the pitching delivery. This allows us to pinpoint mechanical issues that coaches miss with the naked eye or regular high-speed video.

  • Marc Pro

    Baseball is a game of repetition, lots of repetition. The high recurrence of similar movements is a key reason baseball players of all levels use Marc Pro to prevent fatigue and overuse injuries. ABA players train hard, throw often, Marc Pro fills the gap of active recovery by providing non-fatiguing electrical contractions to move fluid in and out of tired muscles removing stress on tendons and joints, eliminating energy burn, and helps the body recover optimally. ABA has several Marc Pro Units available for players to use to aid their recovery.

  • Rapsodo Pitching 2.0

    ABA uses Rapsodo to analyze and provide feedback on spin rate, spin efficiency, strike zone efficiency and pitch movement among many other data points. This helps especially guide our staff and players with pitch design.

  • Insight High Speed Camera

    Rapsodo Insight is an important tool utilized in ABA’s pitch design process. It is a high-speed camera, capable of capturing at 860 FPS, that pairs Rapsodo pitch metrics with high-speed, high-definition video of ball release. This allows for an even further evaluation of a pitcher’s arsenal, and allows players and coaches to take an even more in depth look during the pitch design process.

  • Stalker Pro II

    ABA uses the pro gold standard of Radar for all Bullpens, Velo Testing and Mound Work. At ABA we have multiple radar guns set up throughout the facility to capture off the mound and drill work velocities that post on LED read out boards.